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Up to 95%  Up to 30% or $5,000


Banc de Swiss (BDSwiss) Company Review


Banc de Swiss Company was just established a year ago, but this broker has already taken over the European and German markets several years ago because of its hostile business branding and strategic marketing. Banc de Swiss provides several stocks and indices wherein European market is the focal point.




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Banc de Swiss has the most specialized and ideal platform, and is the leader in binary trading platform intended for European investors. Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the company requires a least amount deposit of $100 and the withdrawal process is easy. This is the reason why investors are highly open to this company. Aside from German, Banc de Swiss broker also covers Swedish, Italian and English languages.


This binary option legit broker provides different kinds of options to select from including commodities, stocks, NASDAQ, indices with S and P as well as currencies as their major assets. The basic commodities include oil, silver and gold, while wide choices of currency pairs are available which include GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY and EUR/USD. Together with the exceptional choices of stock, this broker holds the famous ones such as Apple, Disney, as well as JP Morgan Chase. Investors can trade from 26 stocks, 14 currency pairs, 7 commodities, 25 indices with a full amount of 72 assets.


Banc de swiss offers convenience for their investors. The company also provides several ways on how to use credit or debit cards, electronic payment and bank transfer procedures. They also offer impressive rewards to investors upon investment. Overall, Banc de swiss is a legit company which offers easy withdrawal and high payouts.


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Banc de Swiss (BDSwiss) Website Review


Banc de Swiss provides a way for investors to change their future investment into considerable gains. This is the major objective of their platform which is considered as one of the key selling points of the company’s platform. Traders who will choose to visit the company’s website will get a well-designed, excellent and instinctive page which is unusual and considers usability of deep importance. Browsing is easy and straightforward and even novice traders will be familiar with the services offered instantly.


The real function of the facilities themselves is notable. Traders will find that the whole thing is simplified so as to make certain that a business can be quickly executed. The website of Banc de Swiss is incredibly safe featuring the most modern safety measures as well as protocols which are in the benefit of protecting traders. Banc de Swiss platform focuses on traders and its absolute level of safety is profound. This offers clients with a safe trading experience, as the traders’ capital is protected by the wide-ranging measures which Banc de Swiss has imposed.


The platform of BD Swiss is fully web-based. This offers a specific amount of benefits. Traders from the different parts of the world can utilize the platform. Whether you are in the airport or in a hotel, the web-based platform is available and accessible 24/7.


Banc de Swiss trades in currencies and commodities. All of the common pairings are accessible such as GBP/USD and EUR/USD and stock indices which include NASDAQ and DOW JONES.



BD Swiss - Cysec Regulated Europe Binary Options Broker


When you choose to trade binary options through very worthwhile dressed up as companies of binary options which received a license/ are regulated to work in this field by the authority responsible for this trade. In most cases, this certificate will be issued by the CySEC (the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), these days there are many companies that are waiting for approval of Malta which is also made to a country which may provide options trading approval in the European countries. Banc de swiss is one of these companies which is a list of companies authorized to provide binary options trading.


Because this regulation banc de swiss needs to change his name from Banc de swiss to BDSwiss, so from now if you see the name BDSwiss you have to be sure that is the broker's name after he got the binary options regulation.


If you want to read more about Banc de Swiss regulation (under the name keplero Holdings Ltd, you can check the Cysec website:



What are the advantages of BD Swiss as Regulated binary options broker?

When you entrust your money the binary options broker in an orderly fashion you can be sure you'll get your money when you earn revenue through your trading and if not get it or do not feel you have the option to withdraw it to your bank account, you can file a complaint against the company in which you are trading and to know have someone take care that your problem will be solved or at least get the right attitude.

In the case where the company is not competent to drive according to the rules she will get a warning for not doing as it should behave and its license may be revoked if you keep acting like that with customers that merchants through.

Also, keep in mind one very important thing! Most companies are binary options with any certification (Organisation of Cyprus or of Malta), but it must be clear that this means they have no morals needed to provide you with as traders with the best service.

There are many binary options companies who have applied to companies with a license to trade binary options Although approval usually takes a very long time (can also take a few years)


Regulated Binary Options company which holds the approval of binary options trading is definitely strengthens the confidence of trading her if indeed you have heard about a binary options trader that someone you know is definitely way you can be sure at the beginning of Commerce also a way that a specific company.


BD Swiss Test


BD Swiss is a fast growing binary option broker based in Germany. However, it also provides an English platform and site.


Like some other binary option brokers, Banc de Swiss is also one of the newest brokers in this venture. This makes the expansion and development of the company more incredible. This broker has a clear focus and gives importance to clients. The company provides superb customer assistance via live chat, email, phone and other conduits of communication.


In BD Swiss, traders are allowed to trade a variety of choices. Aside from the usual high and low options, traders are also allowed to deal with touch options or make their own option utilizing the OptionBuilder.


Investors can now trade 60 seconds options, which offer them the opportunity to trade several options in just a short period of time. The 60 seconds option offered by Banc de Swiss is already becoming more popular. Above and beyond these short options, the best part of options terminates between fifteen to sixty minutes.


With regards to assets, Banc de Swiss provides over 175 assets to present. Traders can deal with various stocks, indices, currencies and commodities.  Once the expiration time of the options is in the money, they give 85%. There is no refund for the choices which terminate out of the money.


All in all, Banc de Swiss is a reputable company with user friendly interface and excellent platform to aid investors become successful on their trading.